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Neverender Neverender

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L.O.Z. zeldas lullaby L.O.Z. zeldas lullaby

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swordsofe responds:

Fun fact: one of my friends herd this and punched me in the arm and said STOP PUTTING EVERYTHING TO GUITAR DUMASS! I knocked the crap out of him and said Your not the boss of me! Keep it and I will do a heavy metal cover of Gangam style. lol

Monsta Chomp Monsta Chomp

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Wicked song! :D

Why don't you get more views, your the best music developer I've seen on NG

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MassacreLand responds:

Thank you. Very much! And you know I honestly dont mean to sound conceded but I totally agree with you! Im professional. And It obviously doesnt pay off.

Zambies!! Zambies!!

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Getting put in my next movie/game definetly! :D

Amazing. Simply. Amazing.

MassacreLand responds:

Thanks man =] Very much <3 and put a mute button on your games so people who dont like my shit can stop bitching :P and at the end of the game have a thing that shows off my dubstep to where they can listen to the songs after they beat the game =] I think is be cool :3